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  • 23 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:55

Amateur Sports Football Club in the Municipality of Osmaniye to the Financial Support

Amateur Sports Football Club in the Municipality of Osmaniye to the Financial Support
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Municipalities in the province of Osmaniye to the total of 50 amateur soccer team has helped thousands of Turkish Lira cash .

Osmaniye news:
a meeting held in the hall with the city council cash assistance to be distributed to the club of the Federation of Amateur Sports Clubs ( ASKF ) was submitted to the Office of Osmaniye . Meeting Osmaniye Mayor Kadir Black , ASKF Osmaniye Chairman Levent Ozturk, Soccer City Representative Nedim Celebrity, deputy mayors , club presidents , managers, coaches and athletes attended.
Osmaniye Mayor Kadir Kara law amateur sports clubs help to make an instruction stating that they have the right to the assistance of amateur sports clubs , he said. Came to work the day they ever amateur sports and sportsmen to support the work that expresses President Land , the city council unanimously decided by the area of both parties council members also expressed his gratitude , he said:
\"The task we have come to the present day every year until amateur sports club for our support , and we continue to be going to . past three years the league before the start of the amateur team in our material aid did. past year , and this year our teams on the demands cash assistance decided to have received . this year 50 thousand Turkish Lira amateur football teams help our're doing . infrastructure is very important to believe in and of themselves as we can so're trying to support . \"
President Land , so far cash and in-kind assistance stated that they did this when 5 years in the process the amateur sports clubs of our will benefit an amateur home would build , he said.
Osmaniye ASKF Chairman Levent Ozturk, because of his support Mayor Kadir Kara thanked on behalf of amateur football clubs . Ozturk, \"three years before the season started material aid have received . During the past years two times cash assistance have received . This year, the third're getting . Chairman of us promises to always fulfilled. This support will never forget . These years we have the paternity once again showed . Himself to the amateur thank you very much on behalf of the football club . \"he said.
amateur football club because of his support for Vice President ASKF Av. Selcuk Acar, Mayor Kadir Kara gave a plaque of appreciation . Speaking at the ceremony Vocational High School Club Manager Rashid Gurel , while thanking Mayor Kadir Kara drew attention to certain issues . Gurel , \"Every year our right bypassing the amateur right of return because we are very grateful . Our desire from him the presidency in his capacity as its provisions stewardship authority is to use . Us our athletes to train more than just we're together young people bad dependencies save is simply to . Professionalism biggest breakthrough as the Mayor If you do , please put the provisions of the foreign athletes will make investments , \"he said .


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