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  • 26 Eylül 2014, Cuma 14:24

Considerations in Buying sacrificial cutting and the

Considerations in Buying sacrificial cutting and the
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Osmaniye by the Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock will sell sacrificial because of the upcoming Eid al-Adha sacrifice which producers and citizens warned.

Osmaniye news:
Osmaniye Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Abraham Scott, in his statement , the sacrifice will lead manufacturers tag attached ovine animals PPR vaccine referral process 20 days before book should have said, \"Cattle In screed and LSD vaccines referral process 20 days prior to the making animal passports processing necessary sacrificial referral receivables victims are not required for operations to make timely to comply is required. victims will of the citizens is , to be sacrificed animals when selecting any anatomical deformity is not , eyes alive , eyes, and runny nose are not environmentally responsive animals to be selected should pay attention to . this subject, especially the victims in the markets of the animals are healthy and showing that veterinary health certificate of the animals of choice , animal ears earring fact that cattle credentials showing the passport is and sheep transport document that our citizens stolen and unhealthy animals to take to avoid major importance for poses , \"he said .
slaughter on the warning in Scott, said:
\"our citizens sacrificial other , Istanbul Municipality determines Tuesday Off Street Market Place , Saim Bey Primary School near closed neighborhood market, working in butchers Slaughterhouses and municipality located in the city center and İşleroğl duly cut in the Mezbahanesi are required . Avenues, streets and public spaces such as parks unhygienic should definitely be cut . A healthy society, but a healthy environment would be possible , victims after discontinuation of public and animal health in terms of animal waste improperly in the streets be disposed of , bagged trash to the left or cats and dogs interests in ways that embedding should be provided. \"
Abraham Scott, citizens healthy and wished to spend a peaceful Eid .

Considerations in Buying sacrificial cutting and the" comments for.


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