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  • 26 Eylül 2014, Cuma 13:51

Foot and Mouth Vaccination Campaign in Osmaniye Fall Semester Begins

Foot and Mouth Vaccination Campaign in Osmaniye Fall Semester Begins
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Foot and Mouth Vaccination Campaign in Osmaniye Autumn Period and the start of renovation Studies were reported.

Osmaniye news:
Food, Agriculture and Livestock Osmaniye Province Director Abraham Scott, in his statement , as part of the fall semester alum vaccination campaigns throughout Osmaniye alum vaccination of cattle and the start of the update operation , he said. Of foot and mouth disease ; hoofed animals, an acute humans that can be transmitted viral infection that emphasizes Scott, \"The disease infection rate is high , delicate animal communities up to 100 percent can be reached. viruses , environmental conditions also quite durable and 5 months of transmission capability could be maintained. Symptoms in cattle fever, loss of appetite, depression, mouth-feet lesions and decreased milk production is . younger animals killing diseases, meat and milk production declined considerably dependent economic losses cause that is of great importance , \"he said .
from the disease , but regular and intensive vaccination programs protection is provided that expresses Scott, \"in addition, control of animal movements in the spread of epidemics in terms of prevention is of paramount importance . Growers our villages from the vaccination teams by helping their animals vaccinated is necessary. Moreover June 21, 2014 Date and 29,037 in the Official Gazette published Bovine animal Identification, registration and Monitoring requirement in Regulation Amending the Regulation ; The movement of bovine animals , death, cut, mandatory cuts in business with growers belonging to himself and his business until 31 December 2014 notification information will be updated without penalty . In this context, the vaccination teams to growers from our current businesses update , giving the animal data are of great importance , \"he said .

Foot and Mouth Vaccination Campaign in Osmaniye Fall Semester Begins" comments for.


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