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  • 01 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 10:27

Interesting from Imam Fields

Interesting from Imam Fields
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Oruçbey connected to the village of Osmaniye Kadirli community to give young people a mosque imam in the garden with his own hand from old billboards basketball hoop , volleyball net from shoe strings , tennis table made ​​from planks .

Osmaniye news:
connected to the district Oruçbey Village pilgrims , who served as an imam at the mosque for 3 years Kerem President, to bring young people to the mosque to mosque community garden, a sports field made ​​interesting by its own means . First rough , the mosque yard on a flat surface which converts the imam Kerem President, then idle a metal advertising board by editing the basketball hoop has made .
Ladle a wooden plank garden thorns Imam then the shoe strings with the volleyball net braided . Eg by means of the net beam mosque in the garden again Kerem President thorns , so has created a basketball and a volleyball court . However, not satisfied Imam Kerem President and a table tennis table , making him the mosque basement laid .
All this while the purpose of the Qur'an course children from sports to introduce the mosque community of young people to gain indicating that the Imam Kerem President, \"Summer Koran courses I've organized children, through the course of basketball and played volleyball . Sometimes the courses end about 1 hour events have made . previous courses that the student count is low sports complex after setting up our number has increased. even large even demand showed the surrounding villages , even from there , \"he said .


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