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  • 21 Ekim 2014, Salı 13:55

Kara:\"This team will make a great contribution to the promotion of our province \"

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Osmaniye, Turkey, Women's Basketball League ( TKBL ) representing Osmaniye Youth and Sport Women's Basketball Club management, technical team and players , along with Turkey Cup group qualifying matches before Mayor Kadir Kara authorities visited .

Osmaniye news:
Mayor Kadir Black's chances always expressed his belief that Club President Murat Teke, \"This visit us great will power and Turkey Cup, an important achievement will win . President of our smiling faces , friendly approach and the important matches to us by our great luck brought . President my chance we trust for October 23-25 ​​at the Dardanelles , Gemlik and Yalova will be played in Turkey Basketball Federation 2014-2015 season Women Turkey Cup group qualifying matches before he visited . Chairman of us last year and this pre-season all kinds of support gave . He thank you on behalf of Osmaniye basketball community , \"he said .
will compete in the Turkey Cup team player wished success to the Mayor Kadir Black , met individually with women's basketball . Osmaniye Murat Teke under the chairmanship of an important brand value , which won a number that expresses Mayor Kadir land, this formation support and this success contributed greatly to the names Osmaniye behalf thanked .
Osmaniye Youth and Sport Women's Basketball team first . League will compete in the basketball community is not only Osmaniye is a big plus for the President voicing land, within their means to provide financial and moral support for all kinds of work , he said. This year TKBL teams will compete for a club team is but Osmaniye Youth Sports Club, a city team that said Black , \"Set next to the city's great support , I believe that . Every game room packed with spectators will . Osmaniye promotion will contribute greatly this with my fellow team owners will be more , \"he said .
Coaches create Aydin Uğuz say that they are a good team , they thanked supporters Land Mayor Kadir . Will play a match during the year as well as social responsibility projects integrate with the team and the city that they would ensure that the Uğuz , as a team , adding that Turkey was ready to Cup . Views of black players on the team that recently joined the movement drew attention to the sympathetic .


Kara:\"This team will make a great contribution to the promotion of our province \"" comments for.


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