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  • 25 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 17:29

Osmaniye Governor Kerem Al , he started to

Osmaniye Governor Kerem Al , he started to
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Osmaniye Governor Kerem Al began his ministry .

Osmaniye news: Governor Kerem Al , Istanbul Mayor Kadir land in front of the Governor read, Rector Dr. Orhan Büyükala , the Bar Association President Hamza TR , Deputy Ali Caglar, Yusuf Özdemir, Mehmet Çubukt the Dr. MH Nail Moments, Mehmet Oz, Alp Eren Yilmaz, Muammar Bailey , district governors , Provincial Gendarmerie Commander of the Gendarmerie Colonel Typhoon Dundar, Provincial Police Chief Hussein Yenice County Mayor , Public Institutions and Organizations Provincial Director of the Civil Society Organizations Representatives and representatives of political parties I was greeted by .
welcome after the governor honor book signing Governor Al , governor's office to reporters , said , \"this beautiful city as governor is appointed , this blessed land services had the opportunity to happy and I am honored . Contact entrusted authority of the nation, is the seat . that we are aware . nation of resources , timely and effective use in accordance with our part to make an effort , \"he said .
fair and enveloping services in the understanding they would be representing the Governor Kerem Al ,\"especially the media , including all sectors of society on the support , we need to view and aspire to it . Osmaniye want peace before development and investment . It will try to contribute to peace . This will pull together . Our inter-agency cooperation sine qua non . Also important is the support of NGOs . Identify and along our problems , we will seek solutions together . Common wisdom , we will endeavor to find reasonable solutions , \"he said .
State noted that life is full of 34 year Governor Al ,\"For many years, civil service inspectorate, the Board of Inspectors did 4 years . Osmaniye Governor , my third provincial governor . Our energy , our experience , our knowledge will try to dedicate to the service of this province . We aspire to open their place in the hearts , \"he said .
Meanwhile, the press is the sine qua non of democracy, representing the Governor Kerem Al ,\"of course, members of the press to bring constructive criticism of our rights . However, this criticism , events after the well-researched need to be addressed in an objective way . Press the requirements of professional ethics as members of the press believe that our careful about it , \"he said .


Osmaniye Governor Kerem Al , he started to" comments for.


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