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  • 23 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:04

Post Office 174 Years Old

Post Office 174 Years Old
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PTT's 174 anniversary of the founding ceremony was celebrated in Osmaniye .

Osmaniye news:
Devlet Bahçeli Square, Ataturk memorial wreath submission and silence after the Osmaniye PTT Regional Director Akin Akinci descriptions found .
Raiders said in a statement , \"the Republic's oldest institutions , one of the Post Office, 174 years are leaving behind a transparent, flexible and accountable governance in the spirit of today's world of modern postal administrations take its place among objective and competent staff and efficient service delivery path , advancing services rampant in understanding and consciousness, with more than a century is a nation of saints to continue to provide service to be proud of , \"he said . < br/> 174 year long history , the War of Independence in winning an important role and having success with enterprise reliability, proven and Telegraph Organization , People's continuously rising needs and expectations in order to meet the classical postal services as well as logistics and banking sector also an important you have to place indicating that the Raiders said:
\"regional directorates our responsibilities in the field of automation on 5 Central , 16 branches, 8 Agent for a total of 29 workplace found and these businesses in our 175 PTT employees serve . In the workplace, courier, cargo, turpex ( overseas box) , postcards , telegrams and e-telegrams , printed documents acceptance and delivery with door to door delivery services, PEP ( Registered Electronic Mail ) , domestic and international money transfers and check acceptance and payment , mail checks to be deposited , withdrawal , transfer and interactive processes, Western Union and currency exchange transactions , pensions and social welfare payments , negotiated banks'credit cards and personal loans, collections , three-dimensional virtual shop offering PTT Mall, with banks protocols according to their lending operations , insurance operations, HGS , pttcell personal stamp printing, PTT gold sales operations are performed , range of services our every day is increasing. \"
PTT's goal also told Akinci, \"Our the basic purpose of all this work ; mail, bank and logistics areas to provide useful and high-quality services to our people , we live together , and also the joy of success as an institution in 2023 vision is to take our place . The value of our organization and we would like to present to thank countenance , \"he said .


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