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  • 25 Temmuz 2014, Cuma 16:25

Read on from Osmania Iftar Press

Read on from Osmania Iftar Press
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Osmaniye Korkut Ata University ( OKU ) Rector

Osmaniye news: Osmaniye Korkut Ata University ( OKU ) Rector By Orhan press Büyükala gave Iftar .
Iftar dinner celebrating the feast after the July 24 Press Prof.Dr.A.Gurhan Orhan Büyükala , the \"our people healthy to receive information , the right to be informed and accordingly attitudes in order to develop the press, beautiful , sublime service is fulfilled. University on behalf of my precious our press press the feast congratulate . Conditions , your working conditions, the economic situation of your desired level know it is not . But even within the current conditions the best direction of making a considerable effort that for years observing old . conceive our press employees to easily wish for . society to a better and healthier informational services on behalf of you I hope , \"he said .
the University's development of the information about the transfer OKU Rector Prof. Dr. . Orhan Büyükala , the ocular every day, both physical sense both academic sense with the students a great acceleration in the growth continued , stating that \"As a university at the point 330 near the academic staff, 270 near the administrative staff and the academic , research-development activities , carrying on their feet , standing now in infancy survived , large university-owned facilities have many a University we have become . floors will be the road is not finished , it will end a way not. era in our continuous developments we consider Universities never a static structure not enter ,'I've been evolved , was founded over from not supposed to . already tell it when the University , the University of the attribute of being emerged from the means . from this perspective , we university developments in the constantly continues. developments at the point when we look at our university in a short time many from journalists of our support with a great momentum to a certain point brought the situation , \"he said .
OKU ', this year the newly opened five-chapter as well as in Kadirli 4-year Kadirli School of Applied Sciences opened in two sections with the for the first time, taking students on educational activities at faculty level in Kadirli begin by stating that they Büyükala Rector , \"Every day, our student numbers have increased . We received a welcome news with the unveiling of ösys'n . Looking at the ad placement rates as high as 99 per cent of the quota we have reached the fullness see that . Between this State and Private Universities in Turkey of 37 shows that we are . The coming academic year our students will get a new , will open a new chapter in our successful education of all our preparations We have to sustain . By meeting our new students in September , the period of education and training will continue from where we left off , \"he said.

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