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  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 16:29

Response of physician verbal and physical violence

Response of physician verbal and physical violence
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Osmaniye Chamber Secretary General Dr.

Osmaniye news: Osmaniye Chamber Secretary General Dr. Bengi İmadoğl of adverse conditions in which they live , the physician of the patient dignity, honor befitting the doctor said that makes it impossible to give efficient service . Photo of Dr. İmadoğl of Osmaniye Chamber President Dr. In a press release by Genghis Dağlaraştı also attended the Osmaniye State Hospital since 2002 445 bed 58 said the polyclinic Class A2 served approximately 500 thousand population in general hospitals , \"with an average of 60 per day outpatient our private hospitals , while limiting the number of outpatients in our public hospitals There is no limitation . Our colleagues per day doing clinics over 100 works in harsh conditions. Physicians up to bullying every day and are faced with increasingly unlimited demand and this leads to severe conditions intolerance increase , \"he said .
Ministry of Health Communication Center ( MHCC ) of the complaints of physicians and health professionals led unjustly and unfairly be accused of expressing İmadoğl was continued as follows:Photo \"complaints usually come in yellow envelope physician without passing through the filter . it takes the inquiry-statement-taking style , is as fully guilty to healthcare professionals engrossing be approached with preconceived . In addition, the health care law , people's rights, the fact that no training in communication leads to physician-intensity mobbing . Great sacrifice sacrifices of our colleagues working rages against this attitude that they do not deserve , you get hurt , they feel under constant threat and pressure. Every day work motivation of our physicians reduced material is worn as a spiritual and physical . \"Photo Lately colleagues that the increase of complaints emphasizes Dr. İmadoğl of , \"among physicians practicing in our hospitals'lack of a stable work place Syrians guest camps , maternity and child , Düziçi , Garden, Kadirli permanent assignment with family life , such as hospitals, patients are difficult to follow and controls, patients can not make a timely checks physician. In these cases, physicians \"were depleted syndrome\"leads to n . Photo adverse conditions this honor our physicians to patients , makes it impossible for doctors to serve in ways worthy of honor. Confronting the physician, the physician's patients . Who We condemn swum by verbal and physical violence, \"he said .

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