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SON Dakika

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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:43

( Special Report ) 3 years Unsolved

( Special Report ) 3 years Unsolved
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Kadirli Osmaniye district in 2011, he went boar hunting with friends in the teen who died in unclear who lead out of the arms of the family, 3 years have passed still reacted could not find the killer.

Osmaniye news: Tahsin Karaun in June 2011. Photo by (22) SE , AK and YK , together with his friends went to hunt boar . Karaun , the Kızyusufl village located in Haramidere out of the lead is not certain who was hit with the weapon . Accompanied by friends who went on the hunt to be taken Karau of Osmaniye State Hospital , died kurtarılamayarak despite all interventions . Scope after investigation this incident, was questioned three other people to the game and was released .
This much time reacting unable to apprehend the perpetrators tearful mother Oyl Karaun think , \"My son's killer , traveling waving his arms . I do not sleep sleep for 3 years. Our anyone we did not have a problem. My son went to hunt but did not have a gun in your hand , though, do not know the use . he died in my son innocent . I would like to find the killer of the son of our state , \"he said .
What stating what his son had no enmity itself with anyone Stopped father teenager who died Karaun of the \"Son , they say went hunting with that day, friends . My son's not even a gun , know how to use it already , this is how to go on the hunt . friends called went Ava, before some relatives and people with animosity . My heart is burning . this event is a moment I would like clarification before . But then eased my pain , \"he said .

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