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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 25 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 15:46

( Special Report ) from Osmanabad Police Operations Scandal

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Osmanabad Police Department , the state news agency also taking him to play a dirty game , can not go to an innocent family made ​​the streets .

Osmaniye news:
Osmaniye Doctor Ihsan Göknal residing in the neighborhood Hanif Çarpanal the (56), recognizes police officers , \"the new officers to train at your house we're filming \"at the request of the state relying on house doors Osmanabad Police Department has opened . Safety at home next to the area of the state news agency also carried out an operation mise en scene . During shooting himself , his wife Rahimi and sister in law Ümmü to evict stated that they Hanif Çarpanal , \"the 24-year-old son volcano is shooting it like criminals have used . Place to deposit clamp wore . Household each side of it very thoroughly ransacked . Meanwhile, they put a gun in my house seems to have found showed . We all them like a movie we watched , \"he said .
everything unaware of the state help thinking that happiness living Çarpanal family , the next day on television crooks operations against the news watching in their own home made ​​shots when I saw astonished turned. Multiplier can not believe his eyes to Haniif , friends and the enemies were humiliated , said:\"As to cheat ourselves Watching the whole family went into shock, \"he said. The next day we all know themselves call , ones begin to ask that , even in the event of seized gold and money got from me asked what they describe Çarpanal , \"the events affected and psychological depression which my wife is now in the hospital . I have children . They will marry , I like how the girls want to go to . I favor, I said , they came to me . sue those responsible for this incident all . them to the court whether I will open a claim for compensation . necessary, let them go to jail , \"he said . Current events due to the longer police the trust stating Çarpanal tomorrow, a day otherwise he also played with concerns that some said that .
The other hand, the images in the event it seized the suspect being shown in the volcano Çarpanal is no longer in Osmaniye anyone's face can not take care situation comes stating , \"I look for a job when I go now I suspect observed lurking . Condition Description I've tried to not believe . Yet I guilty if I now be out did . friends , even me on the telephone are looking for . longer phones , even not doing'm closing . all these people in charge davacıyım ,\"he said . < br/> Volcano Çarpanalı's friends and acquaintances for years, he said they could not believe when I heard of such an event . Çarpanal falling victim to the face of the live event is now in charge of the family is preparing to give to the court .

( Special Report ) from Osmanabad Police Operations Scandal" comments for.


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