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  • 25 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 11:08

( Special Report ) real popular belief Exercise Becomes Referred to Court

( Special Report ) real popular belief Exercise Becomes Referred to Court
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A family in Osmaniye , in the house of a police operation to revive his administration , television news bulletins were published, fell victim claimed.

Osmaniye news: Family members, is preparing to sue those responsible .
According to information received , Dr. Ihsan Göknal Çarpanalı living in the neighborhood of Hanif (56), a police officer came to know , shooting at the house said they would revive an operation . Wanting to help the police Çarpanal has also accepted the offer . The next developments Hanif Çarpanal the said:
\"The next day, a lot of police cars and several police early in the morning came to my house . Myself and found in the house , my wife wanders the Baldem Ümmü of the house was out. 24-year-old son volcano is shooting it like criminals have used . place to deposit clamp wore . household each side of it very thoroughly ransacked . Meanwhile, they put a gun in my house seems to have found showed . we them all like a movie we watched . But the next day, all that television news bulletins'fraud Operation'as izleyince were shocked , \"he said .
\" my wife broke down the psychology \"
at first know themselves call , ones begin to ask that , even in the event of seized gold and money got from me asked what they describe Çarpanal the , \"events and psychological depression which affected my wife is in the hospital now . My children have . them how to marry the girl I want to go to . favor, I said , they came to me . Sue all those responsible for this incident . I'm going to give the court an action for damages them . If necessary, go to jail let them , \"he said .
Current events due to the longer police the trust stating Çarpanal tomorrow, a day otherwise he also played with concerns that some said that .
The other hand, the images in the event it seized the suspect being shown in Volcano If Çarpanal now not be able to look at anyone's face in Osmaniye , adding that \"I go to look for work when they look at me now suspicious eye . Do not believe I've tried to explain the situation . However, I think I'd be guilty if I out now . Even my friends have been calling me . Now, even if the phone does not come with , I'm hanging up . All these people in charge davacıyım , \"he said .
Volcano Çarpanalı's friends himself known for years for an event like this when I heard could not believe he said.
They live event against the victim falling Çarpanal family , now responsible to court prepared.

( Special Report ) real popular belief Exercise Becomes Referred to Court" comments for.


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