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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 09:40

( Special Report ) was daughter of destroying the truck tire shotgun was horrified Hair

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In Kadirli Osmaniye , the daughter of the pickup truck parked in front of the establishment discontinuation of 4 tires man opened fire at random around the pump pickup , surpassing the rifle .

Osmaniye news: Result of long efforts to convince the police was able to persuade shotgun activist difficulty. According to information obtained
event Creek District, Coates Coates Street came to the square in front of the business center . Place of business within the commercial building located Murat IR . evening hours of the night the truck was parked at the roadside . After a while, calling a friend Murat İ.'Y , \"They cut the wheels of the truck ,\"he said . This situation Murat I. angry . arrived on the scene , taking the shotgun in the house . Started shooting in the air randomly connecting the tires of the bandolier to accompany individuals coming onto the cut van de waist .
Those who Meanwhile environment \"Call the police , the police come, give prefect , prosecutors come, all Kadirli come here ,\"he shouted Murat IR . why pump itself to the view that the press talked about doing a rifle action. Photo shotgun several times who fired the environment Murat İ., \"Everyone is doing the action for Kopani . The ravaging Around . We also get our act right . They cut my car's tires . This is it done? this is responsible for the police , the prosecutor will find . I'm doing my car in action , \"he said .
then taking extensive security measures , police teams from around the side of the activists tried to approach the scene . Murat who put the shotgun to the head in an intermediate hand İ., \"I often approach of my head . Kadirli Governor I will finish this action does not come here ,\"he said .
Then for a long time a civilian police to the scene , gave convincing efforts. Murat IR . The last time he shot his gun into the air between the police and handed over to the police . Following the procedures in Murad İ.'N learned that the police detained referred to judicial authorities.

( Special Report ) was daughter of destroying the truck tire shotgun was horrified Hair" comments for.


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