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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:30

This water does not flow in the neighborhood of 50 years

This water does not flow in the neighborhood of 50 years
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Sumbas Osmaniye district in the neighborhood of the town who Gokcen Mehmetli connected to mains water does not flow nearly 50 years .

Osmaniye news: Non-citizens living in the neighborhood they move from drinking water drinking water through tankers .
Before that Gökçen status in the village who Quarter neighborhood was connected to Mehmetli town in 2010 . The neighborhood where 30 households and about 200 people live mains water does not flow nearly 50 years . Tankers to supply drinking water for people living in the neighborhood and provides water to the house by moving the bins . Joseph Küçükgöç who is living in Gökçen those neighborhood citizens, noting nearly 50 years they have water shortages , \"our neighborhood is not flowing tap water . Some of the houses in installations even yet the case . We're getting water to go from 2 kilometers ahead sources through tankers . 5-6 persons bowel cancer in the neighborhood. Some of them also sometimes having health problems. we drink water from 50 years rusty tank. I attribute to water these health problems. now turn our current water for the sake of Allah, I appeal to the authorities , \"he said .
the same neighborhood living Mürivet Küçükgöç that \"to the Sumbas 8 villages water pipes, our even home from our neighborhood going 2 meters away . this will bring water from 40 kilometers. the front of our house last water we why not take advantage , \"he said . the Photo Mehmetli Borough Mayor Hamza Büyüköztürk verifying that the water problem in the neighborhood , \"Gökçen who until 2010 it was the neighborhood a Armağanl attached to the village . he connects our municipality in 2010 . It is true that our neighborhood has a long history of water problems . While the village for water projects have been canceled , but this place made ​​us attaches to the project. We strive to bring water to our neighborhood. Hopefully will bring the water , \"he said .


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