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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:13

Turkey Women's Basketball League

Turkey Women's Basketball League
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Turkey Women's Basketball League 2nd week match Fenerbahce Basketball Team, the league's new team was staying Gençlikspor Osmaniye .

Osmaniye news: Photo landlord brings a casual game against Fenerbahce Youth Osmaniye , finished the first period leading 28-19 . Despite playing away in the second period much difficulty Fenerbahce this period 15-15 first half , despite the equality to complete 43-34 completed ahead . Photo Match put Fenerbahce its weight in the third period , made the score 68-54 in the match . Osmaniye team struggling with all the power of the audience in the face with an experienced opponent in the first 4 minutes of the fourth period at the end of this period the difference was download up to number 3 . However, making the necessary changes to match Fenerbahce coach Jacek Winnick that revived the team . Fenerbahçe won 16-13 in the last period , the match won 84-67 . Photo Aydin UĞUZ: \"FENERBAHÇE'< strong> Yi CONGRATULATIONS I AGREE \"statement at the end of the match Photo Youth Coaches Aydin Uğuz who Osmaniye , against a great team of experienced players and is doing his best but he congratulated the match , saying the beating Fenerbahce team . Uğuz , said the team of injured players are available to further match in which they fought a full team time believe they will be more successful. Photo Winnick said:\" MATCH COMFORTABLE WIN We \"Photo Fenerbahce coach Jacek Winnick , the Osmaniye team across players he said that the tasks they perform and win matches alone. Jacek Winnick , the journalists of the match in the question related to stroke up to three numbers fake an intermediate score \"Of course, Osmaniye team filled the hall as the lead in the game with great support from the audience down to three points. However, it is necessary modifications leaves have earned the gap we opened a fake and match. Osmaniye team I wish you success, \"he said.

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