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  • 17 Temmuz 2014, Perşembe 13:22

Young Dutch Woman's Undying Love

Young Dutch Woman's Undying Love
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Dutch Bernadette van Gils , troops engaged before going to the Martyrs Corps Corporal Murat Karaman Osmaniyeli visiting the grave of seven years .

Osmaniye news: Dutch Bernadette van Gils , soldier before going to engaged the Osmaniyeli the Martyrs Corps Corporal Murat Karaman 7 years tomb is visited .
Dutch Bernadette (27), in 2006 Antalya's Alanya district met Murat Karaman, then for military service is going to be killed in Sirnak on September 10, 2007 , was destroyed. Martyrs fiancée who can not forget Bernadette, since then every year from Holland to Osmaniye coming martyr her grave and his family are visiting .
Her fiance that she loves it and forget stating Bernadette, \"with him in Alanya met him and I really loved her . Enlistment gone after the weekend was meeting . him I was so happy . he died comes news could not believe it . him so far not forget. every year Osmaniye came to the tomb and his family would visit . Thereafter come I will continue , \"he said . Future marriage they thought on the question of Bernadette, \"Marriage do not think . Him and his family loved it too. Parents love me ,\"he said .
Loved that the grave with carnations equips Bernadette, visit soulful moments.
Martyrs Murat Karaman mother Hatice Karaman , Bernadette's dislike them very much touched by her son , noting that they also love Bernadette said.

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